. (calistrisa) wrote in displacedfetish,

For Sale

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know I'll be selling some EGL outfits, head pieces and mini hats at MegaCon this weekend. Stop by RadioSciFi's booth in the back by the guests.

I will have for sale:

"God Save the Lolita" black /white trimmed skirt ($30)
""God Save the Lolita" white cut-sew top ($25)
"Red velvet and antique lace trimmed two tier skirt ($60)
Black pleated skirt with lace trim ($15)
Halloween Lolita ($95)
"Dark Chii costume (anime style) ($125)
"Eternal Sailor Moon Musical style costume ($500, includes all accessories and wings not shown in picture)
Deluxe head pieces ($15 / each)
Standard head pieces ($10 / each)
Mini top hats with lace trim ($20 / each)
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