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*clears throat*

A few days ago, an English teacher stationed in Japan contacted me through one of my friend's journals concerning a little boy named Tsukamoto Yuuji (塚本ゆうじ) who is an aspiring Kansai Jr., otherwise known as a Johnny's Jr. (For those who don't know, the Johnny agency is a Japanese male superstar groomer who takes in boys from young ages and trains them for fame) Yuuji, however, is in quite a pickle. In order to climb the "Johnny ladder", he needs a fanbase.. But how can you get a fanbase when you're a background dancer who's sole purpose onstage is to not take attention away from the already big-named stars?

The original link is here:

If you're bored or have time, please send Yuuji a little note or postcard and help him establish a fanbase. Here's the address:

(for those not on good terms with kanji):
Tokyo-To, Minato-Ku Azabu Juban 4-6-9
4F Johnny's Family Club
Kansai Johnny's Mr. Tsukamoto Yuji

I know that overseas fans aren't as desirable as Japanese fans, but we can make a difference in this young boys future. If the Japanese fans see that he's got a fanbase, they too might want to know more about him. ^_^v

Thanks for your time, and I apologize for cross posting! X_X
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